• 2018 Krakhuna

Vino M'artville

2018 Krakhuna

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The earliest evidence of winemaking dates back to 6,000 BC in the country of Georgia, and it is here that Zaza Gagua and his wife Keto Ninidze both have their own wine labels producing traditional lo-fi, natural wines.
Zaza's label is Vino M'artville, named after the municipality of Martvili where they are based. Zaza's wine is all made with wild yeast, no filtering and fining and fermented in the traditional earthenware vessels known as kvevri. This is a super delicious amber/orange wine, although it's relatively light in colour due to the short time on skins, but wow is it a complex number! A savoury earthyness marries with Juicy green apple, fresh citrus and a beautiful minerality. A texture-lover's dream, and a fantastic Georgian wine made the traditional way!