• 2021 Nerocapitano


2021 Nerocapitano

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In Filippo Rizzo's village they call the Frappato grape Nerocapitano.
Filippo's Lamoresca wines from are all farmed organically, and made with the idea that they should express the place they are from. The place they are from is a five hectare estate at 430 metres above sea level, where the vines are planted on a mix of sand and clay, and the cool nights at the higher altitude help to moderate the sunny Mediterranean summers. Etna hovers in the distance. This is such a silky textured beauty bursting with black cherry, strawberry, raspberry and Mediterranean herbs. If Sicily wasn't a real place, you'd think this was from some imaginary land: Juicy, complex, and easy going all at the same time. If I'm dreaming don't wake me up. Sicilian magic!