• Kimchi Hot Sauce (150ml)


Kimchi Hot Sauce (150ml)

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We met Gaspar Tse when he was cheffing at 10 William St.
He's now doing pop ups here and there, alongside another former 10 William st. chef, Enrico Tomelleri. As well as the odd dinner, he's also making condiments. This is a blend of locally grown chillies (scud, birdseye, habenero). They're lacto-fermented with a range of ingredients that typically go into making kimchi, including Korean pears, daikon, shallots and ginger, resulting in a hot sauce that has heat and complexity at the same time. Good on just about everything, from freshly shucked oysters to a ham and cheese toastie. Vegan and GF. 5.5/10 spice level.