• 2021 Pipeno (1 Litre)

Cacique Maravilla

2021 Pipeno (1 Litre)

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Cacique Maravilla is a pretty special winery with a vineyard planted by the Gutierrez family in 1776 and farmed organically and dry grown ever since, with some vines over 250 years old!
Today, Manuel Moraga Gutierrez continues this tradition, with all wines produced using only wild yeasts and no filtration or fining. Pipeno is a local term for a kind of 'peasant wine', usually made with Pais, an old obscure variety of Spanish descent. This is a fresh and Juicy light-bodied red with a bit of funk and crunchy acidity with red berry flavours and a pleasant earthy character. Amazing value for this 1 Litre bottle from a historic Chilean producer. Yum!