• 2021 Carbonic Chardonnay

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2021 Carbonic Chardonnay

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We can't do Kirsty & BK's own comments on their wines justice, so here are some choice steals that hit the nail on the head:
Our Carbonic Chardonnay, while meant to be enjoyed fresh and young, has seen some skins in its short time and is a true standalone. Heady florals give away the youth, underpinned by the punchy forwardness of judiciously applied carbonic treatment. White peach and fineness on the palate, with a direct, acid-driven structure – the ‘reverse teardrop’ effect we call it here, with full fruit purity at the top, concluding in a crisp apple candy full stop. Our recommendation is two bottles back-to-back: the first to consider where this wine resides in your stylistic vernacular, and the next just for fun."