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2022 Yuho 55 (720ml)

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Notes from the importer
The Yuho 55 is brewed to be Sake that is full of flavour and umami, with well balanced acidity that can be paired with richer style dishes. Mioya have utilised yeast strain #9 to help create this balance, along with making sure the fragrance is not too pronounced, as they want to achieve a delicate aroma that will enhance any accompanying food rather than overpowering it. Yuho 55 is made with 2 rice types: Yamada Nishiki rice grown by the farmers group Yakkan-juku in Hyogo prefecture and Miyama Nishiki rice grown by Mr Shishiba in Nagano. Both rice types are polished down to 55% making it a Junmai Ginjo classification and giving the Sake a delicate aroma of aniseed and a fresh and clean palate. A great harmony of sweetness and vibrant acidity with honeydew melon and spice on the palate with a long and complex finish.