• 2022 Unholy Water


2022 Unholy Water

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Notes from Micah, the winemaker...
After the piquette I made in 2021 was so well received I wanted to make another in 2022. Over the course of a year there is now a stack of piquette on the market and from what I hear most of them leave a lot to desire, even worse people are charging wine prices for them! Happy to say that this one is not garbage and actually quite delicious - think sour beer vibes with the structure of a wine, fresh acidity and thirst quenching. 75% biodynamic Riesling (Mansfield) 25% Sauvignon Blanc (Mornington Peninsula) - pressed unfermented whole bunches rehydrated with water. Secondary fermentation in bottle for the fizz. No chaptalisation, no acid adjusting, no sulphur added.