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2022 Rosé

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Notes from the winemaker, Tim Sproal aka Minim Wines!
A ROSE….not a light red, or a really light red…a Rosé, made from regeneratively farmed Shiraz grapes grown by us in our Metcalfe vineyard! We grew some amazing grapes out at Metcalfe in 2022, deepening our commitment to regenerative viticulture, our understanding of the different blocks and the wines we want to make from each parcel. This Rosé represents the first pick of the year and comes from deep granitic sands in the Road Block. Picked early for bright acid, but pushed ripeness enough to welcome some tasty red fruit to the party. Hand-picked and direct pressed to stainless steel tank for natural fermentation on most solids. Resting over winter in tank and racked early spring with a sulphur addition prior to bottling. IN THE GLASS…its all red fruit and soft spice, with cranberries and stewed strawberries, kept fresh with a pink grapefruit acidity and softened with hints of cinnamon, Christmas spice…maybe speculaas. It feels like a bit of a serious drink…and it is, but its also really great company in less lofty, more free and easy times. Really excited to make a wine like this off our fruit. Hope you like it!