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Laurent Saillard

2021 Syrah du Gard

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Laurent is originally a chef from Brooklyn!
Although born and raised in France, Saillard used to pour wines at his bar in New York! Now he makes them in the Loire Valley. He began his career in winemaking working with Didier Barouillet & Catherine Roussel of the Clos Roche Blanche winery. He began his first solo vintage in 2012 and has never looked back. Laurent’s wines are carefully thought out, constantly observed and precise. No chemical sprays and everything done by hand, Saillard looks to create wines that can age but also have maturity beyond their years. Due to terrible weather conditions in 2021 Saillard had to look further than the Loire for some fruit. Syrah from all the way in the Banyuls. A bit more robust than Saillard’s usual reds but still maintains the freshness ever present in all his wines. Moorish, fragrant and delicious.