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2021 Kite Duck

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Duckman aka Maria Pato is the daughter of the famous winemaker Luis Pato!
Maria Pato, the winemaker, describes herself as a wild individual. Even quoting “Behave wildly. Feel the unexpected!”. This same ‘wild’ energy can be seen in her principles, philosophies and resulting wines. She focuses heavily on sustainable practices within the winery and vineyard and aims to create lively and flavoursome wines using indigenous varietals. 95% Barga, 5% Fernão Pires here, all destemmed. Fernão Pires is macerated on skins for five days, after which the Baga juice is added. Fermented in stainless then aged in French oak. Unfined and Unfiltered. Loads of minerality and citrus! Think adult pink lemonade!