• 2021 Faraday Chardonnay


2021 Faraday Chardonnay

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Notes from the winemaker, Tim Sproal aka Minim Wines!
IN THE WINERY….destemmed fruit soaked on skins for 6-8 hours before pressing to tank for further settling prior to ferment. The cold settled juice was then moved to seasoned puncheons for primary ferment over the following 3 weeks. Barrels were topped and moved to the cellar, resting on gross lees for 7 months before being racked with a small sulphur addition and settling in tank. Bottling occurred in February 2022 with the wines sealed under Diam cork.
IN THE GLASS….aromatically this wine is all citrus and white blossom, with gentle spice and stewed apple owing largely to the preferment skin maceration. The palate is dry and textural leaning more savoury than sweet with lemon and green apple, cinnamon and anise. The finish is long and generous, built phenolically by careful use of skin contact, a habit we tend to lean on a little here and there.