• 2020 Pressed Moto (500ml)


2020 Pressed Moto (500ml)

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Akishika Shuzo was founded in Osaka prefecture in 1886 and under the present 6th generation Kuramoto this tiny brewery is creating some of Japan’s most exceptional and finest sake.
Hiroaki Oku is both Kuramoto and also Toji [Master Brewer] at Akishika and his dedication and skill in creating quality sake shows in every bottle. Before the main fermentation, the brewer must first prepare a starter mash known as the shubo or ‘Mother of Sake’ which is known colloquially as the moto. This moto is used to kick start the fermentation of the ‘moromi’ or main sake mash. The moto is made with kōji rice, steamed rice, yeast and water, then in the modern Sokujo method lactic acid is added. However in the traditional Yamahai method that Oku-san has used for this Sake, natural lactobacillus from the air is allowed to join the moto and create the needed lactic acid. This traditional method takes about 30 days to develop, twice as long as a modern Sokujo moto Sake and the result is a Sake full of character.